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Clients trust us with their pets

See what the dog parents say about my dental cleaning without anesthesia.

Our Clients Say


"My puppy Ramses is 6 years old. He is a shining soul. For the last 2 years the vet keep Rémi d me about Ramses having is Dental done. I could never make the first step because of my anxiety about the all protocol (blood test and sedating him) I read it could be a big risk for small dog. I could not be happier when I find Anya. Ramses felt so comfortable right away with her. She is very professional. Not even 16 mins after Ramses was all done and his bad breath disappeared and his teeth looked all new. He had the most beautiful smile and keep playing with Anya. I certainly highly recommended her and I already passed her info to more than 20 people. Going to the vet it’s so traumatic for them all day plus the hight risk of complications. Now I feel so confident and will have Ramses seeing her every 6 months."


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