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Dog dental cleaning in Miami.

Dog Teeth Cleaning in Miami

Taking care of your pet is a responsible mission. That's why I provide safe anesthesia-free dog teeth cleaning with no harmful medications at an affordable price!

Professional Dog Dental Cleaning Service in Miami, FL

Regular oral care for your pet helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. I provide services that relieve your pet of dental problems. The procedure is safe for your dog and has no adverse effects. I use a state-of-the-art ultrasonic scaler, which makes cleaning without anesthesia quick and effective.

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The Main Advantages of Cleaning at Doggy Dental

Both small and large dogs require good care, so every responsible owner should monitor the appearance and health of their pet. It is also important to take care of their psychological state because not every animal can endure a stressful situation. To ensure a comfortable environment, I offer non anesthetic teeth cleaning services with a house call. 


I recommend having your pet's teeth checked at least once a year. I will be happy to take care for your dog's mouth and perform the cleaning painlessly. If your dog has internal diseases, the first place to look is the mouth. To avoid health complications, you should pay attention to the condition of the teeth and not delay treatment.

Features of the Procedure Without Anesthesia:

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Miami Dog Teeth Cleaning: How the Physical Exam is Performed?

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See My Work in the Photos

You can see in the pictures that I can handle any degree of dental neglect in pets. Don't worry about your pet's safety and comfort; I take care of everything. To ensure that the results last longer, I prescribe a dental diet.

Customer Reviews of Doggy Dental in Miami, FL 

I will perform dog dental cleaning in Miami and provide the most comfortable environment possible. Take care of your pet's appearance and health by making an appointment with me for a physical exam. 

Doggy Dental client Alexandra.


During the pandemic I had my teacup chihuahua's teeth cleaned by Anya. I was impressed by her kindness, professionalism and service. I'm so happy I found her!

Doggy Dental client Julia.


I had my pomeranian's teeth cleaned by Anya. I was impressed by the results! My dog looked happy and stress-free. I like the fact that I could make an appointment and get it all done within a week. Highly recommend Doggy Dental!

Doggy Dental client Dee.


It was absolutely pain and stress-free dental cleaning for my 14 year old Yorkie! Anya is great!

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