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Mobile dog teeth cleaning at Doggy Dental.

Mobile Non-Anesthetic Dog Teeth Cleaning

Want to get professional dental care for your pet with a visit to your home? Book services for mobile dog teeth cleaning at Doggy Dental, and I’ll come as soon as possible!

What Services Does Doggy Dental Offer?

I specialize in quality mobile dog teeth cleaning in New York and Miami. I have developed a comprehensive approach to non-anesthetic procedures to ensure your pet's health. I provide top dental services for your pet without you having to leave your house.

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The process of teeth cleaning for dogs.

Why Choose Mobile Teeth Cleaning for Dogs?

Save time

Save 2-3 hours of your day to stay home with your dog 

Familiar atmosphere

Ideal for dogs that are nervous at a vets or groomer. They can be calm and relaxed at home.

Minimal stress

Your pet won't be stressed out on the road by booking an in-home service. 

Get $50 Off
Your First Cleaning!

How Will the Mobile Dog Dental Cleaning Procedure Go?

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Before & After

Feedback from Customers Who Have Already Received Dental Care for Their Pets

Vets recommend regularly checking your pet for potential diseases. If you need urgent care, don’t hesitate to order mobile anesthesia-free services. Clients of Doggy Dental have already shared positive impressions of my work – I am waiting to hear from you!

Doggy Dental client Alexandra.


During the pandemic I had my teacup chihuahua's teeth cleaned by Anya. I was impressed by her kindness, professionalism and service. I'm so happy I found her!

Doggy Dental client Julia.


I had my pomeranian's teeth cleaned by Anya. I was impressed by the results! My dog looked happy and stress-free. I like the fact that I could make an appointment and get it all done within a week. Highly recommend Doggy Dental!

Doggy Dental client Dee.


It was absolutely pain and stress-free dental cleaning for my 14 year old Yorkie! Anya is great!

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