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Do you have any questions about Doggy Dental?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your services?

It depends on your dogs weight and your location, and whether you bring the dog to me or prefer a house call. Prices start from $300.

How’s the procedure performed?

I swaddle a dog into a towel to hold it in place. I perform a cleaning with an ultrasonic scaler and hand tools, similar to your teeth cleaning at a dental office.

My dog is attached to me and gets very nervous when I’m not with her.

In that case I recommend giving your dog some pet CBD oil. I can recommend some good products.

My dog bites. Can you handle her?

Yes. If it’s a small dog (less than 20 lbs) I can manage a biting dog.

Do you do all dogs? All breeds and sizes?

No. I only accept small dogs, up to 25 lbs. Dogs bigger than that are very difficult to hold in place without them being sedated.

Can I be present during the procedure?

No. I don’t let the owner be present during the procedure, because dogs behave differently if the owner is around. Also we don’t want the dog to be upset at you.

Do you perform extractions?

No, I don’t perform extractions. They have to be done under anesthesia by a certified veterinarian.

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