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Welcome to Doggy Dental!

Hello, I’m Anya, owner of Doggy Dental. I offer sedation free affordable teeth cleaning for small breed dogs. The procedure is performed by an ultrasonic scaler which makes it quick and efficient.

My Story

I’ve been a dental hygienist for 9 years and always liked what I do. However, I never liked the aspect of working for dentists: very often, they are just so focused on making money, they use hygienists as their salespeople.


I always loved dogs. I grew up with a few dogs in the house. My parents used to have big dogs like Rottweilers, Staffordshire terriers and Cani Corso.


When I moved to the US, I’ve had a few chihuahuas. I still have a sweet chihuahua girl named Donatella.


In January 2020 I decided I didn’t want to be a dental hygienist anymore. At least, not for people…and I got an idea to combine my profession with my passion for dogs. 

A lot of people told me how they hate taking their dogs to a vet for a dental cleaning because it is done under sedation and small breeds don’t take it well. There were cases where older dogs didn’t wake up after being put under anesthesia. So I decided to try cleaning dogs teeth without any sedation. I practiced on my friends dogs and they took it really well. 


I really enjoy what I do now and I get a huge amount of satisfaction from my work. Seeing my clients and their pets happy makes me feel like I’m really helping them and helping animals overall. 

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