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Non-anesthetic dental cleaning for dogs

Sedation-free dog teeth cleaning in New York. House calls and home-office visits.

Stress-free experience for your dog

Affordable dental care

Convenient and safe procedure

Get $50 OFF

first dental cleaning for your pup

Dental cleaning for small dogs without sedation

Clean teeth are the key to your dog’s health. But most dental cleanings are performed under anesthesia, which can be dangerous and even life-threatening. With Doggy Dental, your dog can enjoy healthy clean teeth without the dangers of sedation.


The use of calming and relaxation techniques, makes it a comfortable and stress-free experience for your dog


House calls are available so you can save time, while making your dog feeling calm and relaxed at home

Safe and effective

The procedure is safe and does not have any side effects. The use of ultrasonic scaler makes sessions quick and painless.


We offer competitive prices so that you don’t have to compromise on your pet’s dental health

House calls and in-office visits are available


Non-anesthetic dental cleaning is recommended for a dog that:

had their teeth checked with a vet and was recommended it

has an underlying health condition and can't have anesthesia

has mild to moderate amount of build up without obvious signs of gum infection(bleeding) and bone loss (loose teeth)

is older than one year and doesn't have any severe periodontal disease or loose teeth

is relatively calm, well-behaved and friendly

Every dental cleaning includes

Initial assessment

Examination of your pet’s teeth to determine if non anesthetic dental cleaning is possible

Sedation-free procedure

Removal of plaque and tartar buildup from the teeth using ultrasonic scaler


Use of calming and relaxation techniques to prepare the dog for the procedure

Post-visit recommendations

Recommendations for proper dental care and nutrition to maintain a good oral health for your dog

What real pet parents are saying


Stress-Free Service

It was absolutely pain and stress-free dental cleaning for my 14-year old Yorkie! Anya is great!



Kind and Professional

During the pandemic I had my teacup chihuahua's teeth cleaned by Anya. I was impressed by her kindness, professionalism and service. I'm so happy I found her!



Impressed by the Results!

I had my pomeranian's teeth cleaned by Anya. I was impressed by the results! My dog looked happy and stress-free. I like the fact that I could make an appointment  and get it all done within a week. Highly recommend Doggy Dental!



Combining dental expertise & passion for dogs

My name is Anya, and I have been in the dental field for nine years. I loved my profession as a dental hygienist, but it is not always appreciated, so I decided to continue working in this field with dogs.


Many owners of small dogs are afraid to have their pets undergo dental cleaning because most clinics provide this service only under anesthesia. The use of anesthesia is dangerous and even life threatening. It is absolutely possible to do it without sedation.


I started Doggy Dental, where I perform dental cleanings for small dogs without anesthesia. If your pet is found to have oral problems, I will explain why your pet is experiencing discomfort and make recommendations.

How non-anesthetic dental cleaning works:


Request an appointment

Contact us to request your appointment


Sedation-free dog dental cleaning done in your home or in our Manhattan location

Choose between a house call and an in-office visit for non-anesthetic dental cleaning for your pup.


Your dog enjoys the benefits of clean teeth without the dangers of anesthesia

Clean teeth are the key to your dog’s health!


Request Appointment

Call us: 917-847-7726


Fill out this form and I will reach out to set up your dog dental cleaning appointment

Thanks for contacting Doggy Dental! We will get in touch soon.

$50 OFF

first dental cleaning

Have more questions?

  • How much are your services?
    It depends on your dogs weight and your location, and whether you bring the dog to me or prefer a house call. Prices start from $400.
  • Do you do all dogs? All breeds and sizes?
    No. I only accept small dogs, up to 25 lbs. Dogs bigger than that are very difficult to hold in place without them being sedated.
  • Do you perform extractions?
    No, I don’t perform extractions. They have to be done under anesthesia by a certified veterinarian.
  • How’s the procedure performed?
    I swaddle a dog into a towel to hold it in place. I perform a cleaning with an ultrasonic scaler and hand tools, similar to your teeth cleaning at a dental office.
  • My dog is attached to me and gets very nervous when I’m not with her.
    I can recommend some good calming products.
  • Do you work with dogs that bite?
    No biting dogs.
  • Are there specific breeds you don’t work with?
    I don’t work with dog breeds bigger than 25 lbs and French Bulldogs, because they’re very powerful and very hard to hold still.
  • Can I be present during the procedure?
    No. I don’t let the owner be present during the procedure, because dogs behave differently if the owner is around. Also we don’t want the dog to be upset at you.

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