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Non Anesthetic Dental Cleaning for Dogs

Clean teeth are the key to your dog's health! Sign your dog up for dog dental cleaning now and get a $50 discount!


Doggy Dental – dog teeth cleaning NYC

At Doggy Dental, I offer dental cleanings for small dogs without sedation. I use my expertise with dental tools and calming techniques. 


My name is Anya, and I have been in the dental field for nine years. I loved my profession as a dental hygienist, but it is not always appreciated, so I decided to continue working in this field with dogs. 


Many owners of small dogs are afraid to have their pets undergo dental cleaning because most clinics provide this service only under anesthesia. The use of anesthesia is dangerous and even life threatening. It is absolutely possible to do it without sedation.


I started Doggy Dental, where I perform dental cleanings for small dogs without anesthesia. If your pet is found to have oral problems, I will explain why your pet is experiencing discomfort and make recommendations. 

About Me

Doggy Dental includes such stages of dental services:

I have worked with many dogs, so I know how to find an individual approach to all pets. The dental procedure is performed with an ultrasonic scaler and hand tools, which makes it quick and safe.


Small breed dogs require a special approach. Not only do I provide a comfortable environment for my pets, but I also use modern soothing techniques before the affordable dog dental cleaning.

The process of dental cleaning for dogs in NYC.

A non-anesthetic dental cleaning is recommended for a dog that:

  • had their teeth checked with a vet and was recommended it

  • is about one year old and doesn't have periodontal disease

  • has an underlying health condition and can't have anesthesia

  • has mild to moderate amount of build up without obvious signs of gum infection(bleeding) and bone loss (loose teeth)

  • is relatively calm, well-behaved and friendly

Main advantages of a House Calls

Why house calls are good:

Stress free

You don’t need to bring the dog anywhere.


I have created the most comfortable experience for dogs so they can relax and trust me.


Dental disease is treated only with professional and sterile devices.


Instruments are thoroughly processed in a dry oven.


Doggy Dental offers competitive prices for dog teeth cleaning. There is a $50 discount on the first procedure.


With the ultrasonic scaler, the session is quick and painless.

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How does the procedure go? Preparing for dog teeth cleaning without anesthesia

How does the cleaning procedure go?
Dental process at Doggy Dental.

What you should know:

  • I swaddle a dog into a towel to hold them in place.

  • I use calming techniques to relax the dog or give them pet CBD oil.

  • Then, I perform a cleaning with an ultrasonic scaler and hand tools, similar to your teeth cleaning at a dental office.

  • Please, don’t feed your dog at least 2 hours before the procedure to prevent urination or defecation. It’s good they go potty before cleaning.

  • Also, I recommend giving your dog pet CBD 1 hr prior to make him relaxed.

Most animals adapt well to non-anesthetic dog teeth cleaning. I put the dog at ease with my attention and care. Before the actual procedure, I put them in a comfortable position. Then I gradually and gently introduce them to the next steps. Most pets easily reach a tranquil state and are quite compliant.

Remember to follow safety precautions and take proper care of your four-legged friend's teeth: periodic dental cleanings by a dental professional, daily brushing with a toothbrush. I'll find the best oral care package for your pet.

Your pet's teeth before and after dog deep teeth cleaning

At Doggy Dental, I provide professional dog teeth cleaning procedures in the best possible way. No pet has ever left me in a bad mood. See for yourself in the pictures below! These pictures were taken before and after the procedure. You will agree that you can see the results with the naked eye.

Regular brushing of your pet's teeth is essential for maintaining immunity and ensuring a long and healthy life. Ensure that your pet's mouth is correctly cared for and rule out possible health problems such as heart, liver, and kidney disease.

Happy Clients

The pictures show clients with their satisfied pets after the procedure. As I work with pets, I will tell you how to properly care for their teeth to avoid plaque and calculus.